Skyrocketing Your Academic Achievement! - New Year, New You!

Ciao lovelies, and welcome to “New Year, New You!”, OFT’s newest series and super-fun training to get you into shape for the New Year! When we say “Into Shape” we mean mentally, spiritually, and so many other ways too! Today’s focus is getting those grades into shape, as we are going to talk about academics!

My best guess is that if you’re reading this very seriously, that you might not be happy with where your grades are right now. Well that’s okay, because we are going to give you our best tips that will help you get better grades and succeed academically, so you can walk into second semester confident and prepared.

Here are OFT’s Top Tips for Academic Success!

-          Create a schedule and a calendar. Write down all your due dates. Know when big tests are and how much time you have to study. 

-          Break down large projects into smaller, manageable chunks. Work on each chunk as you can. Don’t overwhelm yourself by doing it at the last minute.

-          If needed, ask for supplementary help (like tutoring). Many colleges offer tutoring for free. (And if you’re in high school, maybe ask a friend who understands the subject, or hire a tutor.)

-          Remember to thoroughly read the syllabus when you get it. It’s very important to go over this as it usually has all your due dates and what the professor expects from you!

-          If you’re having trouble concentrating in your current workspace, switch it up! Go work in the library or in a different room. 

-          Pack your bag for your classes the night before, so you don’t forget anything important (like your homework)!

-          Treat it like a job, study, do homework, do projects and go to class throughout the day. Then at the end of the day you can relax. 

-          Take short breaks, you remember the beginnings and ends more than the middles, so breaking it up will create more beginnings and ends to remember.

-          Talk to your professors. Let them know when you’re struggling (this may not be an option in bigger universities but try anyway). Have an open dialogue with them. 

-          College IS different from High School, and NO, it’s not easier. You WILL need to study. You can’t slack off in college like you might’ve been able to do in high school. You need to take this seriously. 

-          A clean workspace will help keep you organized. Keep your desk neat and tidy and keep your papers organized.

And naturally we don’t only have tips, we also have links! I’ve made a list of our most helpful academic posts !

I wish you the best of Academic luck in this upcoming semester! Oh, and check out the blog tomorrow for Financial New Year tips!

Thanks for reading, stay awesome, remember to love yourself, and I’ll see you in my next post!
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