Conquer your School Year like a Kawaii Boss in 2018! - Back to School Kawaii Guide 2018! TONS of LINKS!

Ciao lovelies! Today for Kawaii Friday’s I have the BEST Back to School guide because this guide is how to have the most KAWAII school year ever! This guide is perfect for anyone attending school and can even help to make your work routine more kawaii too!

First things first, you’ll need some Kawaii School Supplies/Stationary! 

You could buy some kawaii stationary from places like Blippo, or….

Since school is fast approaching by now (some of you may already be in school!), you probably don’t have time to wait on shipping for buying kawaii items online. So let’s make our own kawaii school supplies!

OFT has many tutorials on kawaii school supplies including:

-          Our first post on DIY Kawaii School supplies, which includes; DIY pencil toppers, cat notepad, decorated paperclips and flower pens…

-          Our first DIY school supplies post which includes; DIY watermelon notepad, notebook covering, decorated pencils, and decorated chalkboard…

-          Our most recent DIY Kawaii School Supplies post which includes; DIY squishy USB, a mini folder, and notebook decorating.

-          And lastly, we have a DIY unicorn notebook which I think looks very kawaii!

Still wanting to buy some kawaii school supplies?

I also filmed and released a video of my school supplies for this year (And I do say where I got them from!):

Secondly, do you want to go in kawaii fashion style? 

You could buy some kawaii clothes:

-          Our recent “Shopping for Kawaii Items in Normal Stores Part 2” post includes some kawaii fashion finds from! (Not sponsored nor affiliated!)

-          I also put out a 2018 Back to School Look Book with some fashion ideas!

-          For more kawaii fashion inspo, we also have a 6 kawaii outfits post!

You could also make your own kawaii fashion accessories and such, and wouldn’t you know it, OFT has plenty of tutorials for this as well!

-          DIY Bag from Dishtowel
-          8 DIY Kawaii Accessories
-          5 DIY Hair Accessories
-          DIY Chokers
-          DIY hairsticks
-          DIY alien jewelry

Also on our youtube channel we have a few kawaii diy accessories for you!

Lastly, for makeup, our YouTube channel has plenty of makeup options for you as well!!

Want to look Emo/Scene kawaii?

Want to look EGL inspired kawaii?

Want to look like you’re headed to a music festival?

I hope that’s plenty of makeup ideas!! But if you want more, we have a whole playlist HERE.

“So,” I hear you saying, “Now that I look kawaii, and have kawaii school supplies, how do I deal with things like schoolwork??”

OFT has plenty of resources for that as well!

-          A “How to Have an Awesome School Year” post that covers how to deal with drama, bullies, and boring classes…

-          Tips to survive exam week

-          Tips to survive a presentation

Okay, now that you’re prepped in kawaii clothes, makeup, accessories, school supplies, and school advice, do you feel ready to go now? I know I am!

But before I leave you for today, I have some parting words!

School is stressful at times, and hard, and may make you feel like you aren’t good enough but remember, you are PERFECT just the way you are. Remember to love yourself!

And you know what? Let’s include a section here of OFT’s resources to help you deal with school stress!

-          HERE is a post on how to prevent or ease out of a panic attack
-          HERE is a post on 5 cheap or free ways to deal with stress
-          HERE is a post on how to make a self care box
-          HERE is a post on stopping or preventing self harm
-          HERE  is a post on 5 ways to be positive
-          HERE is a post on 5 ways to increase your self love

Okay, now I’m ready to let you go. I really, really hope that these resources can help you get ready to go back to school. Do you feel ready to go back to school? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading this far! Remember always to love yourself, and stay awesome. I’ll see you in my next post (and I’ll be in class as you read it!)

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