5 Things to do on a Rainy Day ( + HUGE DIY LIST)

Ciao lovelies! Since the east coast has been hit with some storms recently, I decided to make a list of 5 things you can do on a rainy day!

Rainy days are boring because many of the fun activities for every season are outside! But there are actually quite a few fun things we can do inside too!

#1- Watch a Movie/Movie Marathon
Movies are fun and transport us to another world! Try watching some movies, pop some popcorn and have a full on movie day in the house! For extra fun, invite some friends for a  movie marathon where everyone picks a movie and you all watch them! I like watching all the Monster High movies in a marathon!

#2- Cook/Bake Some New Recipes
Rainy days are a great opportunity to test out some new recipes! Baking is very fun to do on rainy days because you can make stuff and eat it! My fave is to bake some cakes and decorate them.
OFT actually has some recipes of our own, including Lemon Cookies and Strawberry Shortcake. We also have meal recipes like Cheeseburger Bites and Italian Chicken! Make sure that if you’re under 18, you get permission to use the stove, etc!

#3- Read a Book
Similar to watching a movie, a book can take us to new places! Books are great for killing time during rainy days. I personally love the Sherlock Holmes novels, because I love a good mystery! What’s your favorite book?

#4- DIY Crafts/Sewing
Something that’s fun, productive, and indoors is to do DIY crafts or to sew!
OFT has many DIY tutorials and posts, including 
And more!
Plus we have a post to tell you everything you need To Get Started DIY-ing!

#5- Test Out Makeup/Hair Tutorials
Another fun way to kill time on a rainy day is to try and recreate all those tutorials for makeup and hair all over the internet! OFT even has some makeup tutorials on our Youtube Channel on THIS playlist!

What do you do on a rainy day? Tell us in the comments!

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