OOAK Mouscedes King Doll

Ciao lovelies! As you may know by now, I love doing doll face-ups! And recently I did a pretty good one on a doll I found for pretty cheap!

I found this Mouscedes King doll at Goodwill for $2. I did a little research and found that this particular doll originally sold for about $15-25. Not a bad find, then. 
When I found her, she was in desperate need of some TLC. So I figured I would help her out some!

I repainted her with acrylic paint. First I removed the eyebrows, lip and teeth paint, and whisker paint using nail polish remover.
Next I gave her new eyebrows and whited out her eyes.
I gave her a new eye color and some pupils, a new lip color, freckles, face blushing (and contour) and then some teeth. (Plus a little painted chip in her teeth!)
Lastly I cut her hair into a trendy style.

Without further ado, here is the lovely made-over OOAK Mouscedes!

I love how floaty her hair looks now. And I like how the blushing turned out. I also dry brushed her fur tufts with white.

Thanks for viewing my newest OOAK Doll!

See you in tomorrows post!