New Years Prep- Intro

Ciao Lovelies! This new segment on my blog which will run for 6 phases, will show you how to prepare for the upcoming year (and second semester for college/university students) so that you can truly have a "New Year, New You"!
Here is the summary of this series:
This series will consist of 5 phases, each focusing on a different aspect of life to enhance and prepare for 2017 and beyond!
Phase 1 will be Computer Cleanout, which will cover the basics and tips on how to clean and organize files on digital devices like computers and smartphones, as well as outline how to create good habits in terms of backing up files and keeping up smartphone memory.
Phase 2 will be Home Refreshing which will cover how to completely refresh your living space and help you to go into 2017 organized and prepared! This segment will include tips and tutorials on organization techniques, to keep your clothing, sleeping space, makeup, etc well put together! This segment will also cover things like decor and room design, explaining the benefits of certain types of styles!
Phase 3 is Health Upgrading, which will cover how to get into healthy lifestyle habits to prepare for those health-oriented New Years Resolutions! This segment will include tips on healthy eating, exercise, and even hygiene and skincare tips, including some tips on how to exercise if you have energy problems!
Phase 4 is Academic Advancement, which will cover strategies, tips, etc to help you get ahead academically and get prepped for the next semester! This will include things like taking effective notes, keeping your desk organized, good study habits, and more!
Phase 5 is Business Boost, which will cover strategies in your professional life. Whether you work a part time, full time, retail, whatever job, having good strategies and such to work with it can improve this aspect of your life! We will be covering things like good resume building, interview tips, social skills, and other methods for success!
The sixth Phase will be a secret and will be released on January 1st!

I hope you all are excited for this series!
Love, Luna