DIY recycled business card holder

Hai lovelies, do you need a business card holder for a convention? Something to keep your contact cards in without getting in the way of your cosplay?
Why not make one from a pocky box?
Lets get started!
 Materials: Ribbon, pocky box, pop tabs, hot glue, bead, decorations.
Step one: Hot glue the bead onto the box as shown.
Step two: Tie a loop of ribbon onto a pop tab as shown.
Step three: Hot glue the pop tab to the box in a way that the ribbon can wrap around the bead.
Step four: Glue pop tabs to each side of the top of the box as shown.
Step five: Tie your desired length of ribbon onto each pop tab as shown
Step six: Add your desired decor, I'm adding a macaron!
And you're done!