3 Small Ways to Make Your Room Super Cute/Kawaii!

Ciao lovelies! Long time no see, and for that I’m quite sorry. Things in my personal life have been getting super busy and I’ve been getting super stressed, which takes away some of my creativity and ability to write good things for OFT. But I’m hoping today’s post can help me get back on the path, so to speak. Today’s post is super fun- small ways you can make your room super cute/kawaii!

When I say small ways, I mean things that don’t require painting the walls or tearing up carpet or rebuilding furniture- just little things here and there that can be done to make a room cute!

DISCLAIMER: This post contains an affiliate link (Redbubble). Please keep this in mind. 

1)      Declutter. How can anyone see your cute décor if there’s clutter everywhere? This is something I really need to work on.

a.       Having trouble on where to begin decluttering? A good system that I use for cleaning in general is in steps.

                                                               i.      Step One: Throw away Trash.

                                                             ii.      Step Two: Put clothes into hamper or away.

                                                           iii.      Step Three: Pick up all loose items and place into where they belong.

b.       Another tip for decluttering is to go through your clothes once a year and try on everything. Donate what does not fit, clothing you don’t wear anymore, or clothing you don’t like anymore.

c.       Decluttering can really open up a space and can help you when it comes to having your nice items on display.

2)      Wall Décor! If you don’t have a lot of shelf or tabletop space, Wall Décor can really help make a room super cute.

a.       Where to look to buy wall décor? Check out Artists at conventions for Art Prints or even check out artists on Redbubble (This link will take you to our shop, but you can use the search bar to find any artist/fandom stuff you want).

                                                               i.      Fun Trick for Redbubble! The product shown for any item might not be the only product available for that design. Click down below where it will say “Available on ___+ products….” This will take you to a page where you can see all the available products you can get the design on, including prints, etc.

b.       Another place to buy wall décor if your style is more eclectic is Thrift Stores! They have tons of wall décor available and some of it is really cute. Plus you can find frames for Art prints there.

c.       Don’t want to buy Wall Décor but would rather DIY? No problem! Check out these tutorials for cute wall art:

                                                               i.      3 Step by Step Kawaii Paintings

                                                             ii.      DIY Shadow Box by Emuse

3)      Display Kawaii/Cute Accessories as Décor!

a.       Some fun ways to do this include:

                                                               i.      Using a three tier tray (like THIS one!) to display rings, hair clips, bows, etc.

                                                             ii.      Filling up jars with cute strings of pearls, beaded necklaces, etc.

                                                           iii.      Getting a wall mounted jewelry hanger like THIS one to store your accessories.

                                                           iv.      Using command hooks to hang cute purses on the back of your door.

                                                             v.      Be creative! Using your cute accessories as décor is super easy and fun.

What do you think of these three ways to make your room cuter? Will you be using these tips? Sorry that there’s no video included with this post, I’m still working on implementing that feature to OFT.

Please leave a comment with your top tip(s) for a cute room!

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