5 Fun and Creative Ways to Get Boring Tasks Done

Ciao lovelies! Have you ever had a to-do list full of boring tasks and had no motivation to get them done? Or have you ever had so many tasks that you just didn’t know where to start? Today’s post is all about getting stuff done- specifically I’ll be sharing with you 5 fun and creative ways to get your boring tasks and chores done.

The first idea actually comes from my bestie Nightsong, who suggested it after I got my first D20. (a D20 is a die with 20 sides). I thought it was a pretty good idea so I wanted to try it out too, and it definitely helps.

Idea 1: Roll a D20. 

Actually, the process is a few steps more than that. Take a list of 20 tasks and rank them. 1 being least desirable, 20 being “I like this task.” Then roll to see what you do first. If you get a number you’ve already completed, re-roll. Continue rolling and working until all the tasks are done.  Fun Fact: you don’t actually need a physical D20 for this idea. You can “roll” a virtual D20 online by googling “Roll a D20.”

This next idea is one I’m going to start trying out more often, because it sounds really fun to me. This idea can easily be found all over the internet, mostly directed at teachers or parents, but to me it sounds super fun for anyone!

Idea 2: Pull popsicle sticks. 

This idea is fairly simple. Write the tasks you need to accomplish on one end of a popsicle stick. Place all sticks idea side downwards into a cup. Shake up and mix well, then draw a stick to decide what task you’ll do. You can even make this more fun by slipping in a stick or two that have “Free time” or fun tasks on them for you to do.

Idea 3: Make a sticker chart! 

I’ve talked about this idea before so I won’t go too in detail, if you’d like to know more, check out our older post about Sticker Charts!

Idea 4: Make it into a game. 

Sometimes when I’m having trouble motivating myself to do a task, I make it into a game. Something like, for example, “How clean can I get my room in 10 minutes?” or “Can I beat my previous score on this homework assignment?” A little healthy competition with yourself never hurts.

Idea 5: Set the soundtrack! 

I found recently that I love listening to glitch hop, dubstep, etc. when I’m trying to get things done. Anything instrumental without distracting lyrics is good. Especially if the track is particularly motivating. Personally, currently I like the song “Highscore” by Panda Eyes and Teminite.

Do you have any tips on getting yourself to do boring tasks? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks again for reading, remember to stay awesome, love yourself, and I'll see you in our next post!


  1. The popsicle sticks idea is such a classic, and yet I haven't thought of using them since I was a kid!
    If I have something rather menial to do, such as laundry or washing dishes, I love to listen to podcasts! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in listening to one that once I finish one task I end up doing multiple others, just so I can keep listening. I really recommend podcasts from the McElroy family, they are really funny while still having wholesome and informative content.
    If it's something that requires more focus then instrumental music is really helpful. I love video game soundtracks, they are usually upbeat, and if it's from a game from my childhood then it just fills me with happy and nostalgic feelings. There is a Youtube channel called "Luigi" that posts hour-long mixes of Nintendo music. That's usually my go-to. :)

    ~Lady Nicole

    1. I love listening to video game soundtracks too! If I'm doing more relaxed tasks, I usually go for like Animal Crossing soundtrack, but if I want to get stuff done faster, I like the Undertale boss battle tracks.

      I also love podcasts, my current faves are scary ones like the "Lets Read" podcast which is usually scary stories, and the "Something Scary" podcast. I also like narratives like "Welcome to Night Vale." Thanks for your recommendation, I'll have to check out the McElroy family podcasts!

      Thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading!



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