Lunaria's Ultimate Guide to Mini-Conventions!

Ciao lovelies! If you didn’t know, I love conventions. I love going to conventions because conventions are a great way to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, to find merch from your favorite things, and to participate in the fandoms and worlds that you love! Plus you can learn more about the things that you love, or even learn about new things. I’ve been to many conventions, including several Mini-Conventions, also called “Mini-Cons,” and I have learned a lot about convention life, including some tips and tricks to having the most fun possible at a convention! Today, allow me to share with you my ultimate guide to having the most fun possible at a Mini-Con!


Before the Convention:

1.       Get online! Most conventions these days have websites, or at the very least, have Facebook groups or event pages. Get on these pages to see lots of info including WHO is hosting the convention (is it a local library, for example?), WHERE the convention is, WHAT the convention is about, and HOW to get in. Many conventions require you to buy tickets, but some are free admission. All of this information can usually be found on a convention’s website or Facebook page. 

2.       Make a schedule! Most conventions will post their schedule of events/panels before the event. Take a look at their schedule and decide what panels or events you want to attend. Make your own schedule of what you plan to do at the convention, as while there are things like dealer’s room to look at, you will still want to go to panels. (A panel is a presentation or workshop in which you get to participate in activities or learn about things in your fandom!) 

3.       Budget! You might want to spend some money in the Dealer’s Room, and you’ll definitely want to get food during the convention, so prepare for this by bringing some money along! (The Dealers Room is where vendors sell things related to the convention’s theme, like anime or Science-Fiction Merch.)

4.       Prepare your costume! If you want to go in costume, make sure all aspects of your costume are done before the convention. Make sure to check also if certain aspects of your costume are allowed into the convention. Most conventions do not allow real metal weapons of any kind, so keep that in mind. 

5.       Practice your poses! If you’re going in costume, many people might want to get photos of your costume, if they like the character, show, game, movie, etc. Practice some cool poses you can do if you want to do them when you’re photographed!

6.       Get a good night’s rest! Make sure to rest up before a convention, as you will be walking around a lot, and sometimes meeting new people and being social! So it’s good to prepare by sleeping well the night before.

During the Convention:

1.       Hygiene is key. PLEASE take showers after or before each day of the convention, and this should go without saying, but deodorant and brushing your teeth is also key! These things might seem basic, but some overlook them in their excitement, but you should never overlook these key things! 

2.       Be polite! This means be polite to everyone, including: con staff, fellow con-goers, vendors, artists, panelists, cosplayers. Do not touch anyone without consent, ask before taking photos, and be kind in general. 
3.       Be willing to try out panels you might have overlooked! Even if it may not seem exciting in title, try it out, you never know!

4.       At mini-cons, try talking to the vendors, you might learn about fun new things in the area, as many vendors at Mini-cons are local, or part of local small businesses. 

5.       Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations! Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you love their cosplay, or that you like the same show they seem to like. Chances are, you might be able to make a friend!

6.       Be sure to eat at least 2 meals per day, even if it means missing a panel or two. Your health is very important!

After the Convention:

1.       Check the convention’s hashtags on social media to check out things you might have missed and might want to see again next year!

2.       If you post photos of cosplayers, try to tag them in the photo. 

3.       If you post photos of merch you bought, try to tag the vendor in it, especially if it’s hand made.

4.       If you had a good time at a Mini-Con, be sure to spread the word! Mini-cons grow through promo and word of mouth, so by spreading the word, you might help boost attendance for next year!

Overall, don’t focus too hard on small things, instead let yourself enjoy the overall convention experience! Conventions are all about having fun, so let yourself have fun!

What do you think of conventions, especially Mini-cons? Have you ever been to a convention? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments!

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