The Wonderful World of Calico Critters – Kawaii Toy Spotlight/ Review – Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Today I want to talk about a super cute toy brand! This is a brand that I have been collecting the toys of since around September, and I have absolutely fallen in love! This brand is Calico Critters (also known as Sylvanian Families).

I have talked about these toys a few times before, in THIS post comparing them to L’il Woodzeez, and in THIS post where I reviewed the Tuxedo Cat Family.

Today I want to share why I love them oh so much, as well as share some toy photography of them, as I was recently gifted the super kawaii Nursery set by my awesome roomie Nightsong!

So, why do I love Calico Critters so much?

#1- They are so CUTE. I know I’ve said how kawaii they are maybe like a hundred times, but they are honestly just so gosh darn cute. What’s cuter than little fuzzy animal dolls wearing kawaii tiny clothes in kawaii tiny houses?

#2- They are high quality. I think I mentioned this in the comparison post, but they are seriously high quality. I’ve never found a defect on one of my Calico Critter figures, but I found one on the very first Li’l Woodzeez figure I ever got.

#3- They pay extreme attention to the little details. As I will be showcasing in the nursery set pictures, every little detail is accounted for! In the nursery set, they even had a teeny, ultra-tiny spoon! And divided plate! It was so adorable.

Now I will show you my recent toy photography of these totally kawaii toys!

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