NC Comicon (Durham) 2018 - My Experience!

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm talking about NC Comicon, and how much fun it was!!!

So, over the weekend I attended Saturday of NC Comicon in Durham, NC! I went with my roommate/bestie Nightsong and her sister and her sister's boyfriend! Nightsong and her sister went in RWBY cosplays , Nightsong was Roman Torchwick and her sister was Nora Valkyrie!

When we first got there, we got signed in relatively quickly. The sign-in line was outside, which I think was a somewhat weird choice given how cold it was outside. But we got through the line pretty fast and they gave us a program booklet and a free tote! You could even choose which design you wanted, so I picked the one that had the Overwatch logo on it! (I'm a big fan of the Overwatch lore, even though I've only ever played it a few times but totally fail at it, haha.)

Once we were inside, we decided on what panels we wanted to see. Since the first one wasn't until 2 PM, we went and walked around both exhibitor's halls (dealer's room and artist's alley). These were MASSIVE. I think they might've been bigger than Nekocon's exhibitor's halls, at the very least they were bigger than ROF-con's!

We saw so many vendors there, but the first one that caught my eye and got my first buy of the day was a vendor called DKC Fashion Cosplay. They had EGL socks on clearance for only $5 for a pair. That sounds like a lot for socks, but most of the time, EGL appropriate socks go for like $10-$12 minimum for a pair. They had other cool stuff at their booth like printed dresses and leggings, harajuku style shirts, wigs, and more.

I also ended up buying a bell choker, RWBY SnapBack hat, two art prints, a mini Alpacasso, a Hello Kitty blind bag (which I will be reviewing on the blog at a later date), I bought Nightsong a little Bast figurine. Also pictured below are two free comics I got. (The music note socks are out of packaging because I wore them on Sunday after getting back to school). (Also yes I got a Bowsette print, hahah)

I also saw lots of amazing cosplayers at the convention!

 I saw these Doki Doki Literature cosplayers (Natsuki and Sayori!)
 I was SO EXCITED to have found a Ralsei cosplayer from Deltarune!
 I found a Mabel and a Dipper from Gravity Falls!
 I found a Yang and Genderbent Ruby from RWBY!
And lastly I found another Ralsei! (I was able to get this person's Instagram handle, it is @jqketav (warning for swearing and other not entirely family friendly content!))

We also went to two panels, one on Animation and another panel featuring Gerard Way! He was talking about how to find your voice in comic book writing! It was a super amazing panel. I liked how even though each member of the panel had different experiences, they had similar inspirations.


NC Comicon is one of the better conventions I've been to, even though I only went for Saturday. It was a large convention though not overwhelming, and even though there were only a few panels we wanted to attend, we still had a great time because there was so much to see and do.

My biggest complaints are 1. that the sign in table was outside in the cold, and 2. that they closed the exhibitors hall 2 hours before the dance so there was nothing to really do anymore after that and before the dance.

Other than those two things, I had a fabulous time. If I were to rate my convention experience:

INTERACTIONS WITH CON STAFF: 5/5, staff was very friendly and helped us find what we needed to find.

PANEL OFFERINGS: 3/5, there were only 2 panels we had any interest in, and they didn't seem to have a lot of panels overall. BUT the panels we did go to were highly engaging and very fun.

GUESTS: 5/5 (for me personally.) I was SO EXCITED that I was able to see Gerard Way during a panel. It was really cool. He seemed really nice and down to earth. They had a lot of other really knowledgeable guests as well who really knew how to keep an audience engaged. 

EXHIBITOR'S HALL OFFERINGS: 5/5! I was highly impressed with how many vendors they had. There was a great selection of merch and art to look through!

OVERALL: 4/5! This is definitely one of the better conventions I have been to. The biggest downside to me was the small number of panels to chose from. If they were to offer more panels in a wide variety of "nerd-culture" topics, I would give this convention a 5/5. BUT again I'd like to say that the two panels we went to were great.

Did you attend NC ComiCon in Durham this year? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!!

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