3 Simple Kawaii DIY's ! - Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Lunaria L Moon here! Today I've got 3 simple yet super Kawaii DIY projects to do with you all!

What you'll need for these projects:
-A simple/plain hoodie
-Felt in blue and pink
-Sewing supplies
-Fake pearls
-Ribbon in blue and pink
-OPTIONAL- Hot glue and hot glue sticks

DIY #1- EGL Headdress
For this DIY you will need the supplies pictured in the top left picture. (sewing supplies, ribbon in blue and pink, lace, scissors, and pink felt).
Cut a rectangle of fabric that is 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. Cut off the corners.
Glue or sew down ribbon strips in a contrast color (I used blue), in a "X" pattern.
Glue or sew down ribbon along the sides. Make pink bows from pink ribbon and sew them to the ends. Cut two 8 inch pieces of ribbon and sew or glue them to the ends.
And you're done!

DIY #2- Kawaii Hoodie Alteration
For this DIY you will need the supplies pictured in the first two pictures (sewing supplies, scissors, felt in a matching color, a plain hoodie, ribbon, felt in a contrast color.)
Cut two triangles from felt that matches the color of your hoodie. Cut two smaller triangles from pink felt and sew them inside the bigger triangles. Make two bows from ribbon and sew them on.
Sew the ears onto the hood of the hoodie, making sure the placement makes sense.
Lastly, add a ribbon to the pull-tab of the zipper of your hoodie!
All done! Now you have a super cute cat-ears hoodie.

DIY #3- Super Kawaii Pearls Bow
For this bow you will need: felt, scissors, sewing supplies, lace, and fake pearls.
Cut two rectangles as shown.
Sew lace to the sides of the bigger rectangle.
Fold the bigger rectangle accordion style and wrap the thin rectangle around it and sew in place.
Lastly, sew fake pearls to the back of the bow.
And you're done!

What did you think of these DIY's? Will you try any of them? Let me know in the comments!

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