DIY Hairsticks plus Happy Bi-Pride Day!

Hello dears! In today's post, I'll show you how to make hairsticks from pencils!!
Let's get started!

Wire, old pencils, duct tape (i'm using rainbow for Bisexual Pride Day! I didn't have the colours of our flag, unfortunately.), Wire benders, scissors, and any decourations you want.
Step One:
cover your pencils with duct tape. I wrapped the second one (the right one) better than the first.
Topper Option One:
for decour, you have a few options. for this one, I just stabbed a fake flower into the eraser and boom! done :3
Topper Option Two:
Bend some wire into a loop, then stab the loop into the pencil eraser.
use a jump ring to attach any decour you want.
And you're done!

If I did this project again, knowing what I know now, I would probably: wrap both in the second way, and mod podge over the duct tape.
Thanks for reading! I hope this was useful!
Love, Lady Luna



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