My Amazing Trip To West Virginia

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm sharing tons of pics and such from my trip to West Virginia!

So recently I took a trip to West Virginia to visit my family and go on Vacation! So now I want to share some of the highlights.

On the way up, we stopped to see the New River Gorge:

The view was gorgeous!

The next thing I'm going to show you, I have a lot more to say about it.

On Tuesday we went to the Blennerhassett Island and museum and mansion. 
The museum is in Parkersburg, WV, and this is where you buy tickets for the paddlewheel boat that takes you to the island. 

Here are some pictures from the museum:
 The antique cars were life sized restored cars. They were awesome!
They had lots of cool antiques to see at the museum!
 They even had bridal attire of local women on display that had been donated to the museum. I thought the gowns and accessories were so beautiful.
I loved seeing the old typewriters, the one pictured was my favorite. 
The bottom left image is actually made with HAIR. Apparently in the Victorian era, it was common to keep the hair of the deceased, and sometimes, make designs and artwork with it.

So after the museum, we rode the paddlewheel boat to the Island, where we entered the Blennerhassett Mansion!

 So I took lots of pictures of all the antique furniture in the mansion! The left image is the Blennerhassett's main bedchambers bed. The middle was a lovely tea set in their room. And the right picture is some art on the wall and the vanity.
 My dad was nice enough to get a picture of me in the mansion in the main entrance hall. Please ignore my boots, I was walking a great distance that day and needed comfortable footwear.
 These pictures show some of the different styles of rooms in the Blennerhassett mansion. Can you guess my favorite? It is, of course, the pink room.
Lastly in the mansion I got some shots of the gorgeous details that went into building this mansion. Though this mansion is a replica (rebuilt in the 1980's) it is built on the original mansion's foundation and is historically accurate. I HIGHLY recommend touring the mansion and island. 

Lastly I wanted to show some of the animals I saw on my trip:
No, the raccoon is not inside. My grandmother puts out food for some outdoor cats of hers, and sometimes this raccoon steals some, and I managed to catch a picture of him. He is so cute! He looks strikingly like a red panda.

I also saw so many deer when we were up there, much more than years previously. So many deer, in fact, that I began to wonder if there were overpopulation issues this year with deer.

Overall, I had an amazing time in West Virginia and I can't wait to go back!!

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