Duty and Honor- Royals Lesson!

Ciao Royals! Today’s lesson is about Duty and Honor as a Royal! Today’s lesson is highly influenced by the lessons of Princess Skye of the Princess Portal, an old website (now gone but can be accessed through the wayback machine). On her site she had Princess Lessons, a huge inspiration for me and these Royals Lessons. And two of her lessons were on Duty and Honor. I liked much of what she had to say, and I have my own ideas of these topics as well, so let’s get into it!


I feel that every person, including you all, Royals, have many Duties in life. These duties are what keep you on a straight path to success and happiness, and help you make others happy and build long lasting friendships and relationships.

-Firstly, you have a duty to yourself.

1.To respect yourself, give yourself the respect and love you’d give to another person. 

2.To take care of yourself, through hygiene and self-care, taking mental/social rest when needed, and many more things. 

3.To stay true to yourself. Never pretend to be someone you aren’t.

-You also have a duty to those around you.

1. To be kind and do no harm.

2. Keep your word and be loyal to your friends, family, and partner.

3. Spread positivity and smiles wherever you go.

-Lastly, you have a duty to the world.

1. Never leave trash behind you, always clean up after yourself. Never litter.

2. Be kind to animals and be sure to take good care of the ones who live with you. They rely on you.

3. Treat everything with the respect it deserves. Many things around you in nature have existed far before you and will exist long after.


Honor is very much tied to Duty, as fulfilling your duties increases your personal honor. Your honor includes:

-Your Word. How often do you keep your word? Do you break promises often or never?

-Your Dignity. How do you carry yourself? Do you let others walk on you? Do you defend yourself when appropriate? 

-Your Loyalty. Do you defend your friends, even when they are not around? Do you stay loyal to your romantic partner? 

-Your Duties. How well do you fulfill your duties? Are you kind and respectful to others? To the environment? To animals?

In the end, Honor and Duty are both highly personal, but some basic tenants still apply to everyone. You cannot be living your best life without having some Duties, and maintaining your Honor too.

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked this Royal Lesson since you all voted for this topic in our poll!

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