Standing Up For Yourself- Royals Lesson!

Ciao Royals! Today’s lesson is about standing up for yourself. One of the most practical lessons for a Royal to learn is how to defend oneself. Whether you are a gentler, “dainty” type royal or a fierce warrior, male or female, learning how to stand up for yourself is crucial; you may need to stand up for yourself to someone in conversation, online, or even against your friends- you may even need to stand up for others.

Standing Up For Yourself: Conversation

I’m sure you Royals were taught as children to be polite and respectful. And today, you’re learning another important lesson: do not let others treat you badly. Do not be the one to start the petty/rude behavior, but don’t let it go uncontested either. But how can one tiptoe around social convention while still standing up for yourself?

 Depending on what they say:

-Acknowledging “hey, what you said just now was not okay.” can sometimes be enough, at times perhaps someone does not realize or didn’t mean to offend you, and that’s okay, just let them know that it was not okay. 

-NEVER go after someone’s physical appearance, EVEN IF they go after yours. Simply frown, say “well, don’t you just have a charming personality, I’m sure insulting other’s appearance will get you far in life.” And walk away.

-WALKING AWAY IS SOMETIMES THE BEST OPTION. Don’t get into long drawn out fights with someone. Make your point, stand up for yourself, and leave the conversation. Even if they call after you, just go. Staying and arguing further may lead to a physical altercation.

Standing Up For Yourself: Online

If someone is bullying you online:

-Save everything. All texts, messages, posts, etc. Screenshots are your friend. Print them out, too.

- Only address the person publicly. Never engage them privately or they may take your words out of context. 

-Sometimes the best course of action is to ignore and block. Blocking is NOT weak. Sometimes blocking is simply the best answer. Think of the block button as a way to cut out negativity.

-Report this person and their actions to a trusted adult/person of authority.

Standing Up For Yourself: With Friends

When friends say mean things, often it’s more painful than getting anon hate. But sometimes your friends might not know that they even hurt you.

-BE HONEST. Tell your friend that what they said hurt your feelings.

-Be forgiving, but don’t be a doormat. Forgive once, maybe twice, but when the behavior continues, know that it is not okay. 

-Be fair to yourself. If this person is consistently mean to you, belittles you, makes you feel bad, maybe they aren’t a true friend. See THIS post for signs of a toxic friendship. And yes, friends can abuse too. Know the signs.

-Don’t feel guilty. If you have to cut someone out of your life for being toxic, you don’t need to feel guilty. Your mental health is important. And they need to see that their bad, toxic behavior has consequences. 

-Know that true friends will understand. A true friend will not purposefully upset you, and will apologize or have a meaningful talk with you about times they may have hurt your feelings.

Standing Up For Others

I know that this is about standing up for YOURSELF, but I wanted to remind you to help others too. We are all human, regardless of gender, race, age, sexuality, or anything else. Standing up for others is a very noble and royal thing to do, and will show your humanity.

Remember to be kind, surround yourself with positivity, and love yourself. 

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