Shopping/Thrifting for Kawaii Items In “Normie” Stores Part 1- Kawaii Friday

Ciao lovelies! So today I’m assigning another day of our week! We have Royals Lessons on Wednesday and now…Kawaii Fridays! Where I post about all things kawaii! DIY’s, shopping guides, faves from different shops, talking about various kawaii substyles, photoshoots, and more! Today’s Kawaii Friday post is about finding kawaii things in normal shops and thrift shops! Buying kawaii things can be totally expensive, so finding items in normal stores or thrift stores can really take down the cost!

For today’s post, I went to a Goodwill Thrift store and a Walmart to find kawaii items to show you all! Some are clothing, some are toys, some are even bath products! I will explain each item and do my best to explain how it can be used in a kawaii lifestyle!! (Please note this is not a haul post!)

First up, from Goodwill I saw:

- A cute Minnie Mouse Shirt! I thought this shirt would be cute with a simple red or black skirt and maybe white knee high socks and black shoes! Maybe a black or red headbow to finish it off?

-This blue skirt had an interesting pattern and I had to wonder if it could be used potentially for Fairy-Kei ?

-This flowery layered skirt reminded me of Mori-Kei and looked very kawaii to me!

- I thought this Hello Kitty messenger bag was just so cute!

- These bow front heels were so cute to me. I thought they could be used maybe for Party-Kei or Hime Gyaru looks?

- These black Mary Jane heels were so cute! I wanted to get them, but they didn't fit me.

-I loved this geometric fox! I've seen similar designs at Target for higher prices, so seeing it at Goodwill was cool!

-I love foxes, so I thought this little fox vase was super cute. 

-Lastly, was actually the first thing I noticed, this Pikachu cake pan! For making cute little Pikachu cakes!

Next, at Walmart, I spotted these finds:

 These are less "Budget-y" (though I do have a more budget find below!). These are more so to show that you can find kawaii lifestyle items in normal stores too!

-So I saw some of these NumNoms plushies, I just think the packaging and such is soo cute.

-I saw this most ADORABLE unicorn squishy!! He is so so so cute.

-I also saw these cotton candy scented bathbombs! What scent is more kawaii than cotton candy? (Speaking of which, what's your fave scent? Leave a comment with your fave scent!)

-I saw more Shibajuku Girls dolls, if you remember we reviewed Yoko HERE. They only had Suki at the Walmart we were at. 

-I saw this cute looking Icing Slime with sprinkles! It does freak me out that it looks so much like food, though.

-I saw this super cute unicorn waterbottle! Sure its "for kids" but don't let that stop you! Who said kids are the only ones who get the cute stuff?

-I saw this holographic shiny unicorn piggy bank! It's so magically cute!

-I also saw this owl mug! Owl designs are also really kawaii.

Then, I saw on sale:

 Cat ears!!! They had such cute pairs of cat ears and each pair was only $2, I regret not buying any but I have to be careful with my funds until I get another job.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of the idea of making Fridays into "Kawaii Fridays"? Do you like it, dislike it? Let me know!

Oh, and DISCLAIMER- this post was not sponsored.

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