Coping with Self-Doubt / Insecurity - Royals Lesson

Ciao Royals! Today’s lesson was requested by @suga_iced_tea on Instagram for her friend. Today’s lesson is about how to love yourself, even in the face of self-doubt, and how to cope with insecurity and doubting yourself. Also- extra fun- today’s lesson will include a video! Let’s get started.

So many of us are insecure, or self-doubting, some people are even self-deprecating! It can be hard to give yourself the love that you deserve. Have you ever noticed that you are mean to yourself, but nice to others? Do you often notice that you’re exceptionally harsh to yourself? Do you criticize yourself too often?

Giving yourself the love you deserve can be hard. And to get to a point of genuine self-acceptance, first we need to address the self-doubt/insecurity lying beneath the surface. We need to think about why we are insecure, and then we need to come up with coping strategies to deal with this problem.

So, why might you be insecure? What are some common causes?

#1- Societal Pressures
Sometimes society is what’s making us feel insecure. It tells us that we aren’t good enough, sometimes directly but mostly subtly. Subtly society will enforce hard to attain (and sometimes impossible) beauty/attractiveness standards, for the purpose of selling us things. Selling us clothes, makeup, hair products, even cologne/perfume. It is important to keep this in mind when you feel societal pressure, remind yourself that society is just trying to sell you stuff, and don’t buy in.

#2- Comparison
Have you ever heard the phrase “comparing apples to oranges”? That’s what you’re doing in those inevitable times that you compare yourself to someone else. Comparing yourself, whether it be in looks, station in life, money, job, etc, to someone else, is like comparing an apple to an orange. Sure, they’re both a type of fruit, but they have very different tastes, colors, shapes, even textures! Remind yourself of this every time you want to compare yourself to someone else, that you may be both humans, but you’re both unique and very very different. Comparing yourself to someone else just isn’t fair.

So what can you do about insecurity/self-doubt? Well, in the video below, I share a few of my coping mechanisms for dealing with this problem:

For more about this and similar topics, we have:


Thanks so much for reading. I hope this post can help someone struggling with these thoughts.

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