How to Make an UNDER $20 Low Cost Kawaii Girly Easter Basket!!

Ciao lovelies! As Easter and spring holidays approach, I thought I'd do a post on how to put together a kawaii themed Easter Basket for under $20! Ours ended up being only $18 INCLUDING the basket! (Some items are just stuff I had but I remembered how much they cost and included that in the total!)

We got the stuff for this basket from a mix of stores including: Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree and Books A Million!

So let's start with the basket itself, which I found at Target in the Easter Section for only a dollar!
It was labelled as a strawberry basket and it's pink and glittery! Perfect for a kawaii Easter Basket!

Let's move on to the fillings:
So first, I found some stickers for our basket. The Unicorn single sheet of stickers can be found at Walmart for $1. And the sticker book with the Narwhal can be found at Target in their $1-$3 section for $1. 

Next, I found some bath supplies in the Easter section of Walmart. The bath crackles and bubble bath are both from the brand MrBubble and were each $1. 

Next, I decided Squishies would be great to add to an Easter basket! These are some from my collection, the hamster is from the brand Soft'N Slo Squishies and was in a blind box for $2.50 at my local Walmart. The Roll cake is from the brand Squeesh Yum and was $2.50 at Walmart. 

I found Playdough in a soft pastel pink at Dollar Tree for $1. I found the RWBY figure at Books A Million. She was the most expensive item in this basket, she cost $7. 

So that's how to put together a Easter basket for only $18!

 Be sure to keep an eye on our page because those unicorn stickers will be in our USA & UK giveaway (look for that post on April 2nd!) Also, we will be reviewing the Mr Bubble products soon!

Thanks for reading! Happy Easter, if you celebrate it! If not, happy Spring!
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