How to Support Us!

How to Support OFT

OFT is currently a labor of love. All materials for crafts, URL costs, etc etc.... are provided out of pocket by Head Blogger Lunaria (Myself, hi there!)

We have had some sponsored posts including one from Anna Grace Purses and a few from Emitrix Etsy Shop! 

I would love to see OFT eventually become a sustainable website, meaning that we have a little income just to support ourselves, like to renew our URL, and get craft supplies for DIY posts, maybe to get a full account on Canva to make better graphics, or get a better camera for better photos (but these last two are far off goals). 

If you'd like to help contribute to our little site, we have made many options including:

-Ko-Fi, recently I created a little Ko-Fi page! I saw lots of kawaii creators making one and figured eh why not, any funds from here (as with all the options listed on this page) will go into OFT's fund.

-Merch, we have a Redbubble shop where we have sticker designs, clothing designs, and more. We don't make very much on sticker sales, (Like less than a dollar on every sale), but every bit counts, and also we mostly just sell merch because we want to spread the word about OFT, and also we want you guys to have access to merch for us (if you're interested in it!).

-Our Shop, recently we opened a small Shop on Storenvy, selling handmade accessories, fun finds, and vintage/antique items! Please check it out!

Thank you all so much! If you can't support us any of these ways, please just share our content and read our stuff! Thank you to everyone who reads our stuff!!!!

Thanks again, and I love you all,
Lunaria L Moon



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