5 Amazingly Fun Things to Do When the WiFi Goes Out

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is about something I've been having trouble with recently- what to do when the WiFi goes out! 

In this Era, the internet and computers and technology are super important to our lives. It's almost like we can't live without it. (Not that the internet is bad or anything, I love it just as much as the next person). Unfortunately our relationship with the internet leaves us with a big problem- how do we entertain ourselves with no WiFi?

I compiled a short list of ideas to do when the internet goes out and we're left struggling to entertain ourselves! You might want to print this one out for a rainy day or, of course, for the next time the WiFi goes down... :)

1. Journaling! 
Journaling is a therapeutic activity to do when you have no access to the internet! You could journal about your day, or write using some fiction prompts (I would keep some printed out in a notebook for this purpose). You could even sketch in the journal for extra fun, and maybe even end up creating an original character!

2. Have a Spa Day!
Treating yourself is always a good thing to do, and doesn't require an internet connection! Put on that face mask you've been saving or even make one yourself! Take a nice long shower or bath. Scrub your nails, maybe even paint them if you like that. Exfoliate your face using natural ingredients like coffee or sugar. Try out new makeup looks and hairstyles on yourself! Have a lot of fun pampering yourself.

3. Go to a Park and take lots of Photos!
Nature photography is a great way to unwind and also spark your creative side! Find pretty flowers or cool shaped leaves and snap tons of pics! Maybe even photograph yourself among the natural scene! Or photograph a friend! If you are into dolls or collectibles, maybe photograph those! 

4. Get Dressed Up!
Planning outfits and dressing up can be lots of fun! Have a great time looking through your closet for pieces you may have forgotten about and make the coolest outfits or the craziest outfits you can think of! Maybe even take photos of your outfits or rearrange your closet by color while you're at it!

5. Get Creative!
No internet? No problem! Sounds like the perfect time to tap into your creative side and make something! You could:
-Record yourself and make a video, like a singing video, makeup video, vlog, etc
-Paint, draw, sculpt, sketch
-Make beaded bracelets
-Cook or bake something
-Write a story or letter
-Arrange your room into a new scene
-Try out different forms of painting like finger painting or sponge painting
-Use clips and hot glue to make new accessories (like kawaii ones or princess ones!)

Thanks for reading! I hope you keep these ideas in mind for the next time the Wifi goes down. My best tip for this is to print out a list of ideas like this one and put it into a notebook for the next time you find yourself without WiFi!

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Thanks so much for reading. Stay awesome, and I’ll see you in our next post. 


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