Dealing with Winter's Bad Side- ROYAL Lessons

Ciao royals! Today we’re talking about winter, and how to deal with it in a ROYAL way. 

For some, winter is awesome because Christmas, New Years, and snow. For others, winter is hard because of cabin fever, and seasonal depression. But we’re gonna learn today how to deal with winter the most ROYAL way we can.

Say winter comes and you get snowed in, or some other reason renders you homebound for extended periods of time. How does a ROYAL handle cabin fever? By turning the situation into a good situation!

Use the unexpected free time to your advantage!
We’ve got plenty of posts on what to do if you get bored! We’ve got a A-Z List, a Creative List, a Productive list, and of course you could browse our DIYs for a new craft to do! Or browse our REAL TALK’s to learn something new!

That’s another thing to do when bored, learn something new! Unexpected time at home is the best time to learn a new skill or learn more trivia!

Seasonal depression can be one of the hardest parts of winter. But how do we deal with this as a ROYAL? 

There are many ways to deal with the symptoms of seasonal depression. has a list of 12 ways to help the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. But the main ways are simply:

-Go outside/get sunlight. As much as you can. Get as much sunlight as you can soak up. If your seasonal affective disorder is particularly bad, get a sun lamp.

-Try to eat less carbs. Yes you may find comfort in breads, pastas, and such, but in the end those foods aren’t giving you the nutrients that your brain needs during this time. Try foods containing B vitamins, or take B vitamin supplements, like B12 for mood.

These two things can drastically affect sufferers of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Maybe also talk to your doctor about Serotonin supplements for these times. 

Winter can be a wonderful time full of family and love. But it can also be hard to live your best life in winter. I hope this lesson can help some.

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