Cucumber Face Mask Review

Ciao lovelies, today I'm reviewing this cucumber eye sheet mask from The Creme Shop!

This mask is supposed to target puffiness and tired eyes. So let's test it!
Here is the front of the packaging:
And the back:
So before I used this mask, my eyes were itchy, puffy, and red. (seasonal allergies).
After using this mask, my eyes felt really fine, like I felt no itching or pain. 

As shown in the first pic, the mask really does look like a masquerade mask! Which is so cool! The cucumber scent smells a little like melon ramune, but it's still pleasant.

I found this mask on sale at Hot Topic, but I also found it on their website for around the same price (CLICK ME!). 

Overall, I love this mask and I'm giving it a 5/5!

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