3 Simple Ways to Impress Your Guests- ROYAL Lessons

Ciao lovelies! Or should I say, Ciao Royals! Today's ROYAL lesson is one that many of you ROYALs will need in the future- how to impress a guest.

When you have your own place, or are having someone over to a place you share with others, there are a few simple tricks you can do to easily impress them! 

These simple tricks work wonders, and you may want to do them all the time just to feel a little fancier.

Let's get into the list!

#1- Learn basic table setting etiquette.
Learning simple table setting etiquette will really impress any guest you have over for any meal. Knowing where to put what silverware will really show your guests that you haven't spared any detail in readying yourself for their arrival. HERE is a full table setting guide by Emily Post (the queen of etiquette). 

#2- Ditch the liquid soap and replace with bar soap.
I don't know what it is, but when I see a house that has a bar of soap by the bathroom sink instead of liquid, my mind thinks "wow, how fancy!" You can find fancy bar soaps for cheap at places like Tuesday Morning, TJ Max, etc. Anywhere that sells interesting and brand stuff for discounts. You can also get fancy and nourishing soaps if you check local small businesses, as many small shops carry nice soaps. I find many nice soaps in Downtown Staunton, VA in small shops. It's always good to put money into the local economy, and support small business. 
If you don't have a sink of your own, ask whoever you live with if you can change out (or add to) the soap selection at your communal sink. 
I'll talk more about fancy soaps in future posts because, well, I love fancy soap and also it's important.

#3- Remember your Hosting Manners
We'll go in depth on Hosting Manners later, but remembering to do things like offer your guest a drink, tell them where to put shoes and coat, ask them if they'd like to sit down, and offer a snack is a must. Never forget your Hosting Manners! Your guest will be wildly impressed with how attentive a host you are.

That's all for today's ROYAL lesson! I hope you all learned something and walk away with a few more life skills (or just simply feeling a little better if you knew any of this already!) Next Wednesday is another ROYAL post so look for that!

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Thanks so much for reading. Stay awesome, and I’ll see you in our next post.