LAST MINUTE Halloween Headbands DIY!

Still in need of a halloween costume? You're in luck! Today we have 3 DIY Last Minute Halloween Headbands for you!

What you need:
-Hot glue
-Mardi Gras Beads
-Googly Eyes
-Pipe cleaners

Let's get into the DIY!

 For a pair of spooky eyes on antennae, you will need to attach 2 pipecleaners to the headband. Then curl the ends, and hot glue on some googly eyes. And you're done!

 To be a cute black cat, cut two diamond shapes from black felt and hot glue them on the headband as shown. Then cut two triangles of pink felt, and hot glue them to the ears. And you're done!

For a pair of cute devil horns, attach the two pipe cleaners to either side of the headband. Attach the other end to the top of the headband. Wrap mardi gras beads around the pipe cleaners, and you're done!

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