Ghouls Getaway Spectra Vondergeist DOLL REVIEW

Ciao lovelies! Today I have a doll review for you all, of Ghouls Getaway Spectra Vondergeist!

While I do have a spectra doll already, I never had one in the box! I thrifted my spectra doll. But now I have a new one from the shelf! And I must say, I’m impressed.

I found her at Tuesday Morning for only $8, along with Jinafire. Spectra’s box art makes her look so drop-dead gore-geous!

Spectra comes in a yellow sleeveless dress with printed bamboo chains all over it. She has a bamboo chain headpiece with pink flowers all over, bamboo chain earrings, bamboo chain across her torso with more flowers.
She also has incredibly high platform flower sandals with cages on the bottom.
Spectra’s hair is incredibly soft and though a little warped by the headpiece, it’s a good look for her. I like spectra in this hair color and style.
Oops! I almost forgot to mention her tiny bamboo bracelets which are removeable.

I am very pleased with this doll. Her paint is a little tacky, which is odd, but I assumed they used some kind of Airbrush on spectra dolls so they can have transparent legs and hands.

Overall I love her, and she was definitely worth the price.

What do you think of this doll? Do you have one? Or any other Spectra dolls? Let me know what you think of our review!

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