Ghouls Getaway Jinafire Long DOLL REVIEW

Ciao lovelies! Today I have a doll review for you all, of Ghouls Getaway Jinafire Long!

I’ve never had a jinafire doll before so I was quite pleased when I found her at Tuseday Morning for only $8!

Her box art is so cute! I just adore it.

Jinafire wears a red dress with a purple and gold pattern. She has purple earrings shaped like tiki masks. She also has purple makeup and lipstick. Ontop of the dress she has a beige…apron like thing? That admittedly I don’t like but it is removable. Her headpiece has flame detailing in the back. She also has red flame detail cuffs that are removable and shoes with flame and tiki detail.
This doll’s hair is insanely soft, and might need a boil wash out of the box to fix flyaways.

Can I just say, the amount of DETAIL in this doll is AMAZING. Dolls like this are why I love pre-reboot dolls. Jinafire has scales all over her body with larger flat scales along her stomach and torso. Her tail is removable and has a little flame looking green tuft at the end. She even has pointed, elf-looking ears, and a unique face mold.

I am highly impressed with this doll and she was entirely worth the price. Now that I finally have my own Jinafire, I must say, I’m in love. I loved her character in Scaris, and her doll is just as charming.

What do you all think of this doll? Do you have one? Have you scored anything cool at Tuseday Morning? Leave us a comment below!

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