Electrified Silvi Timberwolf DOLL REVIEW

Ciao lovelies! Today I’m reviewing Silvi Timberwolf from Monster High Electrified!

I found her at Tuseday Morning for $5.99! I normally avoid buying the Electrified dolls because I don’t like their hair, but I couldn’t resist Silvi’s price and cute face as well as unique look!

Silvi has crimped blue, yellow, and pink hair tied back in a pony tail with side swept bangs. Her outfit consists of a pink plastic removable collar, dress with a blue top part and wolf pattern skirt with a yellow vinyl see through ruffle. Her body is molded to have tufts of fur on her wrists and ankles. She wears neon transparent yellow shoes with jagged edges.

So, I actually really dislike the Electrified fashions and hair, but Silvi’s hair is more soft than the usual Electrified hair. I changed Silvi into a fashion pack (which I will be reviewing later) and she looked much cuter:

Silvi in Frankie’s fashion pack is a cuteness dream come true. She is so adorbs in it!

I like this doll, just not her clothes. She was worth the cheaper, $5.99 price for sure! She is fully articulated and has a reboot body with more sturdy joints.

Overall- I like Silvi a lot!

What do you think of this doll? Do you like her? Leave us a comment below!

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