EASY 5 MUST-TRY DIY Hair Accessories! (DIY Monday)

Ciao lovelies and happy DIY Monday! Today we're making 5 super cute hair accessories!

What you'll need for bases:
Claw clips
Alligator clip(s)

To make the cat ear headbands DIY :
 Cut a diamond shape out of some felt in your desired color. Hot glue the middle onto the band, and fold over. Hot glue the sides together. Decorate as you wish.
Repeat with other types of felt!

For the bow:
Cut two rectangles of felt, one wide and one skinny, but the same length. Hot glue or sew lace to the sides of the wide rectangle. Fold the wide rectangle accordion style and wrap the skinny one around the middle. Hot glue in place. Hot glue on an alligator clip to the back. Add rhinestones!

For the flower clips DIY :
Hot glue flowers to claw clips! Super easy and cute!

What do you think of these super easy and cute DIY's? Will you try them? If you do, let us know by tagging us on Instagram or using #OFTreaders !

Thanks for reading, stay awesome, and I'll see you in our next post!