Dear Middle Schoolers

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is an open letter to middle schoolers everywhere.

Dear Middle Schoolers:

Welcome to what some think of as the most transitionary part of your life. Where things change the most, friends change, moods change, bodies change, lives change. Through all the changes you may have questions, you may be scared, you may do things you later regret. But that’s all okay. It’s part of life. If you’re scared of this period in your life, I have some advice for you that may make things easier for you, as well as help later in life. Let’s begin.

-Periods are normal.

Yes, they sound scary and daunting, you may be pressured to think you need yours early or later, but the truth is that periods are just some blood and cramps. Nothing gross, nothing special, just your body marking that “hey, we started puberty!” with like, the most annoying gift ever.
If anyone tries to make you feel like your period is gross, or shame you for it, don’t listen to them. Educate them. If they’re being immature about it, walk away. If a boy is saying “ew gross, periods,” throw a pad at him. No, don’t do that, you might get in trouble. Maybe just place it gently on his desk. 😊
If you’re a boy in middle school, don’t be immature. Periods are natural. Be the good friend and understand periods. Know why your female friends are cranky, because it’s not “just because they’re girls,” it’s because they’re in a lot of pain. Be kind.

-Misogyny, racism, etc, is not okay.

I know that when I was in middle school, the “cool” thing to do was to call everything “gay,” and not in a good way. Boys would say things like “go make me a sandwich” to me, and I didn’t know how to even respond. Sandwich? Why do you want a sandwich? I wasn’t the brightest bulb, for sure.
Just know that misogyny (cruel against women), racist (cruel against people of color), and homophobic things aren’t cool or funny. They’re cruel and you will regret them later when you’re older and wiser. You will feel shame if you use these things as comedy in middle school.

-Don’t bully.

Just don’t. I don’t care what your reason is, there is no excuse for it. Don’t ruin someone’s childhood for selfish reasons. Bullying isn’t cool. You will feel ashamed of yourself in the future. Don’t be that person.

-If you are bullied, go to your parents AND your school.

Sometimes, schools cover things up. It’s sad, and unfortunate, but true. Go to BOTH your parents and your school administrators to make SURE everything is taken care of. Seriously. There is no shame in telling on a bully. They need to be reported. Don’t suffer in silence.

-If anyone touches you inappropriately, tell your parents so they can call the cops.

Yes, even if it was a peer. If a guy grabs you inappropriately, tell someone! Don’t let them get away with their actions, because then they will just keep doing it.

-There is nothing wrong with liking “childish” things.

Don’t let your so called “friends” bully you into giving up things you love because they are “childish.” I’m 18 years old and I still love some “childish” things, and you know what? I’m happier for it. I have a better life because I actually enjoy life instead of worrying what others think of me.

-Always talk to someone about your feelings.

Don’t ever bottle up your feelings, and NEVER self harm. Self-harm is an addictive downward spiral that could lead to even worse things. Never ever start it. If you already self-harm and need help stopping, talk to your parents about getting a therapist, and read THIS POST for tips to stop yourself the next time you get an urge. Don’t suffer in silence.

Thank you for reading! This is all the advice I have for you today. Happy trails in this new part of your life!

(To the parents- If you want a safe site for your kids to go on, OFT is the place! We have DIY’s, advice, hobby tips, fashion posts, etc, all safe for kids! )

Thanks for reading! See you all in tomorrow’s post!