5 Creative Things to Do When Bored

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm sharing 5 creative things we can do when we're bored!

Summer, while great, often includes lots of boredom. When friends are busy we have nothing to do but sit inside all day. But instead, we can do these 5 fun things!

If you're bored, why not start a small business? It doesn't have to be a "Real" business, but say you start a babysitting business or a lemonade stand! You can stop being bored and earn money. For bonus fun, turn your room into the "HQ" of the business! You could even craft some stuff that you will need like signs, etc!

There's nothing that can cure boredom quite like DIY crafts! Being able to stop being bored while also making yourself something cool? So awesome. Check out these DIY's from our blog and try them out when you get bored:

If you're bored, why not try out some new hairstyles? WARNING- Do not attempt to cut your hair yourself, always get a professional to cut your hair. When we say "hairstyles" we mean styling with braids, pigtails, etc. 

Why not give yourself a makeover? Make it a game, how different can you make yourself look?

Another fun game while bored is to see how many new outfits you can make with the old clothes in your closet!

If you do any of these and take pics, let us know! You can link it down below, or tag our Instagram Account or use #OFTreaders to be featured on our page!
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Thanks for reading! Stay awesome! I'll see you in tomorrow's post!