Pass or Fail? DIY Lipstick

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm attempting to make DIY lipstick- will I pass or fail?

For this I used 3 different ingredient sets:
For #3 (shown later) I used Candle wax, lemon extract, cherry chapstick, and old lipstick. For #2 I used candle wax, two old lipsticks, lemon extract and glitter. For #1 and #4 I used candle wax, rootbeer extract, glitter, lipstick, and crisco. 

To make the lipsticks I simply microwaved the ingredients in a food safe, microwave safe container, then mixed until they were combined thoroughly. Then I poured them carefully into containers and froze them.

Here are the finished lipsticks:

And here are the swatches:

So, the breakdown.
For #2, TOTAL FAIL. I used too much candle wax, so it's hard to get any color out of this, and no glitter. 
For #1 and #4, KIND OF SUCCESS. I can get color off them and glitter too. It's not a very bright color but it works. I also had a hard time not breaking the lipstick that I poured into the old tube.
For #3- KIND OF SUCCESS. I can get a translucent color off it and glitter too. It feels nice on my lips. It's more of a tinted chapstick.

The final conclusion-
I will be trying this again with different recipes. I have seen many youtubers, etc manage to create awesome DIY lip balms, so I just need to keep working at it. If I had to give myself a grade I'd give myself a C, passing, but just barely.
What do you all think of this experiment? Are you going to try it yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks for reading! Stay awesome! I'll see you in tomorrow's post!