Pass or Fail? DIY Lipstick

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm attempting to make DIY lipstick- will I pass or fail?

For this I used 3 different ingredient sets:
For #3 (shown later) I used Candle wax, lemon extract, cherry chapstick, and old lipstick. For #2 I used candle wax, two old lipsticks, lemon extract and glitter. For #1 and #4 I used candle wax, rootbeer extract, glitter, lipstick, and crisco. 

To make the lipsticks I simply microwaved the ingredients in a food safe, microwave safe container, then mixed until they were combined thoroughly. Then I poured them carefully into containers and froze them.

Here are the finished lipsticks:

And here are the swatches:

So, the breakdown.
For #2, TOTAL FAIL. I used too much candle wax, so it's hard to get any color out of this, and no glitter. 
For #1 and #4, KIND OF SUCCESS. I can get color off them and glitter too. It's not a very bright color but it works. I also had a hard time not breaking the lipstick that I poured into the old tube.
For #3- KIND OF SUCCESS. I can get a translucent color off it and glitter too. It feels nice on my lips. It's more of a tinted chapstick.

The final conclusion-
I will be trying this again with different recipes. I have seen many youtubers, etc manage to create awesome DIY lip balms, so I just need to keep working at it. If I had to give myself a grade I'd give myself a C, passing, but just barely.
What do you all think of this experiment? Are you going to try it yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks for reading! Stay awesome! I'll see you in tomorrow's post!


  1. I tried.. the lip balms without color are success. I was a total failure at adding color or making a true lipstick formula work for me. How do the cosmetic companies get such deep rich colors in their formulations? I tried mica colors - total failure as I could feel them on my lips and seemed to give me a sore throat.. Stopped... tried again... same result. So, then I thought food coloring. Another fail as it wont dissolve in the formula even it you add emulsifiers like BTSM 25. Ok, so lets try some oil compatible food colorings? Ok... now it took a crazy amount of color to get anything, then it still felt weird on my lips and stained my teeth. So after wasting 30 tubes (I am not cleaning out lipstick tubes - my time is worth more than that), I decided the crazy price for richly colored lipstick is worth it. I'll make lip balms to use at home and save the expensive lipsticks for when I leave the house. I could not get a balm to color up without a huge amount of colorant which made the end product trash.


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