Ideas to Celebrate the Summer Solstice!

 Ciao lovelies! Today, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to celebrate the summer solstice!
Today, June 21st is the summer solstice, aka the first official day of summer! 

On June 21st, we have the most hours of daylight that we will have all year! Woohoo! Longest day of the year! Which means we will have tons of time to do fun activities! So for this solstice, let’s think of some ideas of what we can do!

Going to the beach on the solstice is a great choice because the day is the longest in the year, so you have plenty of sunlight to take advantage of! You can play at the beach for many more hours and go even later so that you don’t get burned! Make sure to collect lots of shells to use for…

You can use the shells you collect at the beach to make cute summer crafts! Some good ideas of summer crafts are:
-Seashell Candles
-Summer Scrapbook
Or you can make accessories and clothes to use for…..

A really fun idea is to get some friends together and have a summer fashion show! You can create looks like mermaid looks, beach looks, even pirate looks! You can have fun using clothes in your closet or even making new accessories and clothes! If you want, you could even have the fashion show in your local park, and speaking of local parks…..

Take a visit to your local park this solstice! You can take along some dolls, etc, and do a fun photoshoot! You could collect flowers to press, or other nature items to use in crafts! And if you get hungry you can make some summer foods to bring along for a picnic! Speaking of summer foods….

Why not make some delicious summer foods to bring on a trip to a park or the beach? Or even just to enjoy at home? Some fun summer favorites are popsicles, cucumber sandwiches, and pasta salad!

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Thanks for reading! See you in our next post! Stay awesome!