Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Review

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm reviewing Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Be warned, spoilers ahead!

So, the other day I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2! I liked this movie, so I figured I should do a review on it!


This movie starts with our heros fighting a giant space monster as a freelance gig for the Sovereign. To offend this alien race is a crime punishable by death so they have to be very careful when informing them of their victory over the monster. They secure Gamora's sister Nebula as payment and intend to turn her in for bounty. As they're leaving, it's revealed that Rocket stole batteries from the Sovereign and now the Sovereign are chasing down the Guardians to kill them. The Guardians crash land on a strange planet only to be greeted by a figure named Ego and his servant Mantis. Ego explains that he is Peter's father, and they all go back to Ego's planet, leaving Rocket and Groot to guard Nebula and the crashed ship.

The Sovereign hire Yondu to hunt down and return the Guardians to be killed. He finds Rocket on the planet, and Groot frees Nebula, who incapacitates Yondu. Yondu's crew has a mutiny and kills anyone loyal to Yondu, locking Rocket and Yondu up. Kraglin frees Yondu and Rocket, and Yondu, Rocket, Kraglin, and Groot blow up most of the ship and escape.

On Ego's planet, he tells Peter the story of how he met his mother and fell in love. Mantis becomes close with Drax, and Drax says she reminds him of his daughter. Mantis reveals to Drax and Gamora Ego's plan to put himself on every planet in the universe, but needs another god-like being called a Celestial to do it, and Peter happens to also be a Celestial. Ego has killed all of his failed children, and, accidentally reveals that he killed Peter's mother to stop himself from falling in love with her. 

Peter is naturally upset and has a battle with Ego. Nebula and Gamora fight, and they decide the one who hurt them was their father Thanos, not each other. 

Rocket, Yondu, and Kraglin arrive. Peter realizes that Ego's true self is in the core of the planet, so he and the others venture down there to set off a bomb to destroy the planet and thus Ego. They succeed, but Yondu dies saving Peter.

Post credits we find out that the leader of the Sovereigns has created a new being to destroy the Guardians, named Adam.

This plot was good- at times very confusing, and overall, far more emotionally charged than Guardians of the Galaxy 1, stressing the values of family, and, a trend we've seen a lot of movies carry these days, how family does not always mean blood. The movie even ends very emotionally, on Yondu's funeral with his old buddies coming to fly the traditional colors for him.

Since I personally don't like extremely emotional movies, I didn't like this variation from the first movie. This movie didn't feel as fun.

Overall, I give the plot a 4/5.


Much like the first movie, this movie also featured great 80's throwback hits. I think this movie's soundtrack is probably going to be "Awesome Mix #2" and it's very true. They did a good job with the music, once again.

For music, I'd give this movie a 5/5.


Fair use,
 Ok I am so biased here, because my whole reason for liking the Sovereign characters was because they reminded me of my fave Star Trek character, Data. It must be the yellow eyes.

Fair use,
I liked the character of Mantis. She was sweet and naive, but not stupid, and understood enough to tell our heros what they needed to know. I also like that instead of a romantic connection to Drax, they built an emotional connection to Drax in which Mantis understood how deeply sad he was about losing his family.

Fair use,
Ego was a weird character for me, but I liked how complex he was. It wasn't easy to tell that he was the bad guy, which was really enthralling and surprising!

Overall for new characters, I'd give this movie a 5/5.


I'd give this movie a 4/5! And that's purely because of personal preference.

Did you see this movie? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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