DIY Kawaii: School Supplies!

Ciao lovelies! Today, we’re making DIY kawaii school supplies!

Part one of this series is DIY Kawaii Accessories, HERE. Today though, we’re making a batch of kawaii school accessories, including kawaii pencils, pens, paperclips, and even a cute cat notebook! Let’s go!

To start, you’ll need your bases. We need a few #2 pencils, a pen, some paper clips, and a post-it note pad.

#1- Ribbon Pencil

For this kawaii diy, simply: glue the pencil to the middle of the ribbon. Tie the ribbon in a bow around the pencil, double knot for security! And you have a kawaii pen with a ribbon bow!

#2- Kawaii Face Pencil Grip

For this DIY, we need some craft foam and a sharpie. Cut a rectangle of foam as wide as you want the pencil grip. Wrap it around the pencil, gluing occasionally to secure. Glue the end down and draw a kawaii face on it with sharpie! You’re done!

#3- Bow Pencil

For this pencil, we need some craft foam, a charm, and some glue (And of course a pencil). Make a bow in the same way we made the one from PART 1  but smaller. Add a charm, and then glue to the pencil! Done!

#4- Cat Notepad

Take your post it notepad and trim the corners and top to make a cat face. Trace it onto craft foam and cut it out. Glue it at the top to the top of the post it notes. Decorate the face and now you have a cute cat notepad!

#5- Flower Power Pen

Take a fake flower of your choice and cut off the stem. Then glue it onto the end of your pen for an easy DIY flower pen!

#6- Decorated Paper Clips

These are great because you can double use them as book marks! Cut small squares in craft foam and lay the squares under the ends of the paper clips. Glue desired charms onto the paper clips and foam. And you’re done!

Will you be making these supplies for school next year? Let us know in the comments!

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