32 Summer Fun Ideas!

Ciao lovelies and Happy Mother’s Day! Today, let’s talk about fun things to do in the summer!

Summertime is a lovely season. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the birds are happy and so are you! Well, maybe. You might be bored as well. But I’m here to help, with 32 super fun things to do this summer!

 Learn a New Skill!
Something great to do with your freetime is to learn how to do something new.  

Some things I’d suggest are:

-Sewing! Sewing is great because you can make yourself new clothes, accessories, etc!

-Knitting! Knitting is said to be very therapeutic and fun, and you can make clothes and scarves and hats!

-Music! Teach yourself to play an instrument. A great instrument for beginners is Piano! I learned to play piano as a child and it helped me with math and other logic skills! 

-Dancing! Teach yourself some fun dances to do! YouTube is a treasure trove to find cool dances you could try and replicate! 

-Writing! Brush up on your writing skills this summer and write poems, short stories, or even a full book! Or just keep a journal. 

-Cooking! Summer would be a great time to learn new recipes! You could learn to cook or bake new things and let your family test your results!

Arts and Crafts!

Summer is a great time to do arts and crafts! I suggest first going on YouTube and making a playlist of diy ideas you want to do, and see if you can do all of them before summer ends!

Some DIY Craft Ideas:


-Friendship Bracelets


-Pressed Flowers


Check out any free local events!

Check your local papers and library for free local events! You could find tons of cool stuff, like concerts for local bands, local small conventions, volunteer opportunities, or the chance to meet new friends!

I also recommend going to your local library anyway to pick up some books on new, exciting subjects to learn about, like interesting periods in history or books teaching you some of the skills from #1! My local library even has a chess table set up, free to use for anyone! It’s tons of fun.

Go to the Beach!

A traditional and super fun thing to do in the summer is to go to the beach! There are tons of fun things to do in beach towns, so go nuts!

You could:

-Collect shells and make crafts with them later

-Do a fun beach photoshoot with yourself, some friends, and some dolls, or even pets!

-Get a henna "tattoo" from a local shop!

-Buy one of those super useless but fun tourist knick knacks and put it somewhere fun in your room!

-Take pictures and get them developed and make a scrapbook!

-Go swimming!


-You can fish if the beach has a fishing pier!

-Eat ice cream or snow cones!

-Go in cosplay or costumes and walk along the boardwalk. For extra fun, stay in character!

-Take video and make a vlog out of it!

-Bring an instrument and play some music!

-Go boogieboarding!

The possibilities are endless. Going to the beach is a great way to make memories in the summer time!

Spend time with those you love!

-Spend time with your family! Take lots of pictures of them and make a scrapbook of all your family memories!

-Call your extended family for a fun chat!

-Spend time with your pets! Take them on walks, give them baths, give them treats, play games with them, scratch their favorite spots.

-Hang out with your friends! Arrange a sleepover! Or arrange a big meetup of all your friends and go out and do something special! Hang out at a park or go out on the town! Maybe film vlogs or take pictures!

-Spend time with your significant other if you have one! It’s okay to not have one, and don’t feel rushed to get one. If you have one, plan a nice surprise date. Or just go to the park or beach and sit calmly and talk with them!

What do you plan on doing this summer? Let me know in the comments!

See you tomorrow! Sorry for my erratic posting lately. I’ve been having a bad depression episode and also rushing to pack up and go home from college! I’ll try to keep more on schedule now!