10 Fun Things to Include in Your Planner!

Ciao lovelies! Today is super exciting for me because I’m moving back home for the summer! But of course, I couldn’t neglect my blog just because I’m moving home! Today, I’m sharing with you 10 Things you can include in your planner!

Planners are not only trendy, but super helpful, especially if you’re as disorganized as I am. These 10 things range from super helpful to super fun, and will be great for your planner!

#1- Monthly Spread

Whether it be a calendar or just a list of important dates, knowing what’s going on in your month is very important for planning! Not to mention, you can make a monthly spread super artsy and beautiful!

#2- Daily To-Do List

I ALWAYS put my daily to-do lists in my planner. Mainly because I carry the thing around everywhere. I also doodle all over my to-do lists, but that’s somewhat unrelated.

#3- Shopping List

Another list to include in your planner is a grocery list! Add to it throughout the week as you run out of stuff in your house/pantry/snack drawer. Then right before you go out, check again, and go!

#4- Period Dates

If you have a period, track it using your planner! Note the dates it starts so you can be prepared for the next time you get it. 

#5- Dreams/ Life Goals

Write your life goals/dreams down in your planner. That way, every day you’ll see them and want to work towards them!

#6- Actual Dreams

Use your planner as a dream journal, write down anything you can remember from your dreams. Later look them up and try to decipher them. It’s lots of fun!

#7- Horoscope

Try writing your monthly/daily horoscope in your planner! Check on it and see if your day matches it!

#8- Habit Tracker

Use your planner to track your healthy/unhealthy habits to see if you’ve improved, and see what you need to work on!

#9- Pocket!

Include a little pocket in your planner to hold important documents, little notes, etc!


What’s the point of a planner if you can’t put cute stickers in it? Cover it in them, enjoy them as much as you want!

What do you include in your planner? Tell me in the comments!
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