5 Reasons Why I Love Blogging!

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post addresses a question I’m sure that everyone who blogs has been asked at least once- “Why do you do it?”

For me, this question is pivotal for me continuing my blogging journey. I’m sure every blogger has gotten discouraged at some point, and asked themselves that question- “Why am I still doing this?”

Call me old fashioned, or even rude, but frankly, I blog for myself. Sure, way back in the day (not too long ago actually..) I wanted to be a “famous” blogger. But let’s get real for a sec, how often does that happen? Especially for someone like me, with a less-than-stellar writing style and non-niche lifestyle blog? No, I needed a huge slap of reality. Which left me wondering, if not to get “famous,” then why blog?

That was when I discovered that I truly blog for myself. I have many reasons for doing so.

1.       I enjoy it.
Sometimes it’s as simple as that. I like it. I like blogging. I like writing. Sure, it sucks when I work for hours on a post and it gets like 3 views, but you know what? I enjoyed the time I spent on it, so it’s not wasted. And, as a bonus, 3 people, 3 real people out there in the world, read it. That’s pretty awesome! Sure, I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, but I love that at least someone reads my posts! Thank you!

2.       Being a blogger makes me view the world differently.
I love how I look at the world as a blogger. I suffer from depression, so, to be cliché for a moment, most of my world is colored in grey (I know, so original). What I mean by this is that I suffer from huge periods of oppressive sadness or apathy that makes me view the world in this bored, miserable kind of way. But as a blogger, I can look at the world through a different lens, and find beauty and interest in the smallest things. I’m not saying that blogging cured my depression, but it certainly helps.

3.       It keeps me busy.
That sounds odd, so let me elaborate. With the depression, I often lose interest in many activities, which leaves me sitting around, with too much time on my hands to think. And that can be dangerous for someone with anxiety and depression. It leads to downward spirals of unreasonable thought. So having blogging to do, not only keeps me busy, but makes me feel productive as well, which can help with my worst depressive spells. 

4.       It gives me confidence.
Blogging makes me feel confident. When I walk out into the world these days, I want to announce myself. “Lunaria L Moon, lifestyle blogger, at your service!” Sure, this confidence is a bit odd, and sometimes I have bad confidence days because of the blogging, but it gives me an identity! And knowing who I am, that gives me confidence. I feel confident that I know what I want to do. Who I want to be. I like knowing that. It makes me feel stable.

5.       It’s given me so many opportunities.
Blogging has led to me doing so many new things! I find that I go on more adventures, for the opportunity to blog about them later! I feel that I am a more adventurous person because of my blogging. I take more chances to go out, go to events, meet new people, and try new things. I am an introvert with social anxiety, so any time that something makes me go be social, it’s a huge step for me. I am grateful that blogging has caused me to have so many amazing new memories.

So when I am asked why I blog, I answer that blogging has hugely enriched my life.
So now I want to know. To fellow bloggers, why do you blog? To everyone else, what’s something you love doing, and why do you do it? Have you ever thought about the “why” before?

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Thank you so much for reading this, and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post!


  1. I blog because I like having the honor of using my voice(in writing form) about a lot of different topics, especially awareness's.

    1. That's a really interesting viewpoint. I never thought about it like that before, but I really like it!

  2. I blog because it gives me a chance to raise my voice of topics and issues that matter to me. I don't care about being famous or anything. I just want my voice to be heard and be that voice for those who are afraid to speak up.


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