1 Week of Journal Prompts

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is all about journaling! Specifically, this post contains 7 AMAZING ideas to journal about this week! 

I sat down and brainstormed some fun journal prompts, so please don’t hesitate to tell me what you think!

Day One
When was the last time you felt completely content with life? Write down five things you feel content with in your life right now. Explain why you feel content with them. Why are you satisfied? Do you feel good that you’re content, or restless? Do these things reflect who you are as a person, or your achievements in life? 

Day Two
What was your day like today? Recall any details you can. Specifically, as a challenge, recall the smiles you saw today. Did you catch a passing glance at a friendly conversation? Smile into the mirror? Catch a smile and a wave from a friend? Make somebody laugh? Identify every source of happiness in your day, but when you describe them, don’t use the word “happy.” What other feelings besides just “happy” did you feel?

Day Three
Describe your favorite person. Go beyond things like eye and hair color and really get into the details. Do they have freckles that form some sort of pattern? Does their hair curl a certain way? Do they get a certain look in their eye when they talk about something? How about their interests? What makes them happy. Try to write about them as though you were writing a book character. 

Day Four
What is your ideal life? Where do you want to be in life? What job would you have if you could do anything? Where would you travel if you had infinite money? What would you buy? What risks would you take? How do you think your ideal day would change your life? Would you meet the person of your dreams? Or marry them? When would you wake up? What would you dream about that night? Go as deep into details as you’d like, try to make it very vivid. 

Day Five
Write a letter to a historical figure. Tell them about your life. Tell them why you chose them to write to. Ask them anything you ever wanted to know about them. Treat them like an old friend. When you’re done with the letter, do some research on your person and try to learn a new fact about them. Glue a picture of them in the journal and write the new fact under it. 

Day Six
Glue any picture you want into the journal. Doodle around it, and write about it. Make up a story about the picture. Describe it. What is it of? How does it make you feel? What do you think it’s about? What would the items/people in the picture be a part of?

Day Seven
Reflect on your experiences from this week. Do you like writing from prompts? Do you prefer writing daily entries about your life? Does journaling excite you? Is it enjoyable? What do you feel about your entries? Do they reflect your personality? Was this a fun way to express yourself?

Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think of these prompts! I had a lot of fun writing them, so I hope they are fun to use! I’ll be using these for my journal as well.

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Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow!