5 Things to Avoid Doing Online

Ciao lovelies! Today, we’re talking about the internet- specifically, things you should NOT do while using the internet!
If you do anything on this list, don’t be offended! These are just some general things that shouldn’t be done online, not a personal attack on you (excluding number 2). Let’s go online!

#1- Don’t believe health articles found on Facebook
No, seriously, just don’t. Most Facebook health articles have no real evidence backing up their claims, and aren’t based on common knowledge either. These things are known as “clickbait” and only exist to produce views for adsense money.

#2-Don’t be needlessly rude just because of internet anonymity
Many people feel that being faceless behind a screen gives them the right to be rude to people they don’t know. But doing this just makes you a sad coward. If you don’t have the guts to say the rude things with your username backing them, then you shouldn’t say them at all. The words mean nothing.

#3-Don’t overshare
Please, just don’t overshare. People don’t want to know when you’re on the toilet, or every time you move. If you update your status every time you do anything, you need to dial it back a bit. I do a lot of things in daily life, but I don’t post a status every time I leave my room.

#4- Don’t give out personal information
Don’t give out any of your personal information online. This means phone numbers, address, social security numbers, etc. People online are dangerous and can do anything with your personal info, so trust me when I say you don’t want them to have it.

#5- Don’t jeopardize your future
Don’t post anything online that could damage your future. If future employers can see it, and you think they would not hire you because of it, don’t post it.
Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed hearing my opinions on 5 things you shouldn’t do online! In five days, come back again to read about 5 MORE cute animal facts! In the meantime, tomorrow’s post is a fun one! See you then!

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