5 Ways to Love Yourself

Ciao lovelies! Today we’re going over 5 ways to love yourself, which will improve your self-confidence (though eventually there will be a post about that as well), and will generally improve your outlook on life, as it is easier to be positive and happy when you are happy with yourself!
 So let’s get started with self-love!
The background is the mountains near my school on the way up to West VA

1.       Forgive yourself for small mistakes.
Beating yourself up over small mistakes you make will only further develop into unhealthy behaviors and lead to anxiety and depression. Remember that you are human and “to err is human,” and that likely those small mistakes won’t ruin your life or anything!

2.       Learn to love your body type.
Put down your diet books, stop reading those harmful “articles,” stop listening to hateful comments. I want you to right now look into the mirror, look at your body type long and carefully. What are you thinking? Are you thinking something hateful? Or something sad? STOP! I mean it. Look at yourself. Say aloud “This is my body type, it is beautiful, I am beautiful. I am healthy.” Or, alternatively, if you want to lose or gain weight for HEALTH reasons, say “This is my body type, it is beautiful now, but I must make small changes for my health and that’s okay. I am beautiful before and after, it is just my health. But I am still beautiful.” Do this every day, I mean it! Either when you wake up in the morning, or before you go to bed at night.

3.       Know what you can’t change, and embrace it.
Do you dislike certain features of your face? Do you hate your eye color? You shouldn’t! These things are a part of YOU! And they deserve love just like all your features! Think of each of your features as a sad cat (or other sweet, adorable animal.) Would you tell a cat that you hated it? No! And you shouldn’t hate your features either. Your features are a part of you!

4.       Fake it til you make it!
Through my extensive searching, I couldn't find a source for this, if you know who the artist is, shoot me a comment or email so I can credit them!
Yeah, I know, “cliché alert!” But seriously, this is a tried and true method! I’ll give a personal example. I’m insecure of my appearance, but I pretend not to be to help myself actually not be insecure. Recently I dyed my hair black and got a comment saying I looked 45. I wanted to be upset but I knew that if I got upset, I would focus on the bad things and not the positive things. So instead of being sad, I simply said to myself “Well I must be the damn best looking 45-year-old I’ve ever seen!” and just like that, instead of feeling down about myself, I was happy and laughing again! All it takes is a little humor and casual aura to turn insults into things you just shrug off and laugh at later.

5.       Treat yourself like a friend.
Every time you want to think negatively about yourself, think about your friends. Would you say the things you’re about to say to yourself to your friends? Likely, the answer is no. So, treat yourself like one of your friends! Give yourself the love and kindness you’d give to a friend!

What do you lovelies think? Will you try these ideas to increase your love for yourself?
I think soon I will make a post with some phrases to repeat every day!
Would you all use affirmations? Tell me below in the comments!

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  1. I love this article! It is very helpful for me as I'm always insecure about my achievement. I keep thinking that I'm useless or I'm not good enough. Recently, I feel depressed cause I don't receive any response from all of my internship applications, despite sending more than 50 applications. I also feel so diappointed about myself because I failed to power a toycar(A competition that I have joined, where we have to use chemicals as toycar power source) and the deadline is about 3 days later. ��

    Most importantly, you don't look like 45 y/o after you've dye your hair into black color. You still look like a teenager and you look younger than average westerner.

    1. I'm so glad this was helpful to you! You should definitely love yourself! Even if you don't get the internships, maybe try applying for a research opportunity with a professor? That looks great on resumes as well! And for the car, many great innovators faced defeat and discouragement at first. Keep trying, I'm sure you can get it!
      Thank you so much for reading!

  2. Luna, this article helped me a lot when realizing I should love myself more. Thank you! Much love! <3

    1. You are so welcome lovely! I am so happy that this helped you! <3 <3


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