Draculaura's Accessories Makeover!

So once Frankie's glorious makeover was completed, I decided that Draculaura could use some love too! However, I didn't want to Face-Up Draculaura, though, so I did the next best thing, and gave her boring accessories a great makeover!
So Draculaura's accessories were really...boring. Like, one color, or just plain..eh. Don't get me wrong, the redesigns are lovely, but the accessories are so lackluster.
So, makeover time!
First contender, Draculaura's purse!
So Draculaura's purse was one color (So lazy by the manufacturers, honestly!) So I gave it a re-VAMP!
I painted the details black, very carefully, then hotglued on hot-pink pom-poms to each side. Then I went over the black paint with clear nail polish! So fabulous! SO much more fitting to Draculaura now!

Next was her jabot-collar. I hated the ruffly blue part. It looked so awful on her outfit. So I decided to give it a makeover as well!
At first, I was gonna paint the ruffle hot pink. Then I realized, 'No, I just hate the ruffle.' So I cut the ruffle entirely off, and painted a tiny bow hot pink with black dots to match her top! I then decided that Draculaura needed some glitz, so I added her a rinestone!

Tune in next time to see me make the bed for the "Ghoulfriends" apartment! Who are the Ghoulfriends? Find out soon!