Retail Haunts- 2

Ciao lovelies! In this beautiful Halloween season, one of my favourite things to do is to scout out how stores set up their Halloween sections! So in this series, I'll be posting some pics from store setups for Halloween!
~~~~~~Post 2~~~~~~
 These hourglasses are very Slytherin like to me!
 These cloches would be perfect for a severed head! Mwahaha >:)
 These spooky crows would go perfectly on a back porch!
 These jars had blackboard labels that you could write on with chalk!
 These spiders were almost 3ft!
 While not as big as their 3ft friends, these spiders were plenty spooky!
 Fashion pumpkins- who'd've guessed?
 Ah yes, the costumes, easily the best part of Halloween! Target had a nice selection, though not as many wigs as Walmart has.
 I love seeing all the tutus!

 The creepiness factor of this wall of masks is over 9,000!

I'll be posting more installments soon!
Stay spooky!
Love always,