Adventure Day Pics

Ciao lovelies! In this post I'll show you some pictures I took during a recent adventure day!
So the other day I went out adventuring with Cel!
 I made a snail friend after saving him from the hot sidewalk and putting him on the shady rock wall.
 I got another picture of this beautiful Victorian house and noticed more amazing details like the fringing and the arched windows.
 I got this picture of this house, I loved the ivy!!
 I liked this brick staircase. My camera didn't pick up the cracks in one of the columns that made it look so cool.
 Another shot of the stairs.
 A cool Dutch looking house I found.
 A random picture while messing with my selfie stick in front of my school's pollinator garden.
 A piece of modern art in my school.
SMA stands for Staunton Military Academy, which my school bought some land and such from.

Love always,


  1. pretty pictures ^_^ what are you studying in college?

    1. Thank you! I'm studying communications and social psychology


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