ACNL Fireworks Show Highlights (and other updates)

Ciao lovelies! I know I've made a lot of Animal Crossing posts lately, I've just been getting really into this game! It has such great quality content. Anyway, in this ACNL post, I'm posting about the recent fireworks show in my town and some other updates to my town, as well as some great screenshots I got of the beautiful sky graphics.
Naturally, I got a new look right before the fireworks show. A mayor always has to look her best at her town events after all! I got an updo (I asked Harriet for the Formal, Private Occasion, and Party option, for anyone who wants to replicate it. For color I close intense, and the color of burning love.). I wore a kimono to capture the summery feeling of the fireworks show and matching kimono sandals (as well as white stockings!). The yellow ribbon just felt so cute!
This show's bopper was a nice flower bopper, which was quite cute and glowed. I was quite pleased with it! I don't know how I will incorporate it into future outfits, so maybe I will just display it in my house?
Anyway, I wanted to see all of Isabelle's dialogue options for the show, so I made sure to make conversation until I was sure I had gotten all the options.
While looking through all the options, I found one that seemed like Isabelle was hitting on me. That's
The villagers all had their own views of the fireworks. Katt is her usual tough, older sister type self. Rizzo was very helpful, surprisingly since his personality is cranky. And Kody was just captain obvious.

In other updates, here's a full Cat costume OOTD:
I got a new badge from Phineas for being a Great Samaritan!
I finally got the 7 ore outcome of the money-rock. Having the silver shovel really does make a difference!
(Please ignore the fruit everywhere! I did end up cleaning it up!)

Lastly, here are some beautiful shots I got of the sky. I love ACNL's sky graphics!
 I may make a designated day for ACNL posts, what do you think?
Love always,