Happy International Lolita Day!

Ciao my dears, and Happy ILD, or International Lolita Day!
A Photo from wayyy back when I had brown hair, 2014's December ILD
Today's Coord!
 In this post I'll talk about what ILD is, and some about Lolita Fashion!
According to Lolita Fashion Wiki, ILD is "a day set aside for meet-ups around to world and is hosted bi-annually every year". Usually, this day is on the first Saturday in June, and the first Saturday in December.
I personally am quite happy that Lolita fashion gets it's own days, just like other alternative fashions do. I believe that it helps spread understanding of the fashions and the people who enjoy them.
While this holiday is usually for meetups (gatherings of Lolita Communities), Lone Lolitas celebrate as well! I usually dress up and have tea, and one year I tried dressing my step-sister in Lolita.
Links about Lolita Fashion:

I hope you lovelies have fun celebrating ILD!
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Love, Lady Luna