Aliexpress Review (8 Items)

Hello dears! Today I'm doing a review of lots of Aliexpress items I ordered. I will attempt to include links for each item, so let's go!

The Fingerless Gloves: 10/10, Looked just like the picture, very comfy!
                    Price: $0.57
The Hello Kitty Pen: 9/10 rather flimsy, but looks like the picture!
                    Price: $0.61
Black Rose Dust Plug: 8/10 looks just like the picture, I didn't like how it situated though so I re-attached it using jump rings.
                    Price: $0.39
Stickers: Have not come in yet, I may open a dispute.
Eyelashes: 10/10 very thick and lovely, perfect for cosplay. Don't irritate my eyes at all.
                   Price: $0.47
Heart Pendant: 10/10 Looks JUST like the picture! Very very pretty!!
                   Price: $0.58
Peacock Ring: Never came, may open a dispute.
Skull and Wing Ring: 2/10 Arrived broken, but does look like picture.
                   Price: $0.49

Overall this is a record for Items not received in my orders. Generally I do very well! I wonder what happened with these sellers?
 I hope that was informative for you fellow Aliexpress Shoppers!