Aliexpress Review 5 Items

Hello dears! Today's Post is a review of some Aliexpress items I purchased!
Here's my order! If it seems a little out-of-character, it is slightly. Recently, my friend's been getting me into a slightly more gothic style. Plus, cosplaying Misa so much gave me more appreciation for darker clothing and aesthetic.
Here's the Links
The order total:  $3.22
Not bad for 5 items! Now, onto the Review.
Beret: Review link HERE
Extension: 10/10, very comfortable and looks exactly like the picture!
Crown Clip: 10/10 looks just like the picture!
Skull-Cross Earrings: 8/10, look just like the picture but they are slightly uncomfortable.
Snake Cross Necklace: 9/10 looks just like the picture, but I disliked the rope it came on.

 I hope that helps fellow Aliexpress shoppers!