DIY Princess Accessories Part 1!

In this post, I'll show you how to make your own Princessy/fancy accessories!
So recently I went on a huge crafting binge with my new hot glue gun! And I decided to turn it into a useful, productive blog post!
What you'll need
Hot glue gun and sticks
Bases (ring bases, clip bases, etc)
Desired decourations
All of my materials
My Bases
Tutorial! Shoe Ring!
What you need-
Scrabble piece
Metal circle
Ring base
Doll shoe
Step One
Cut a fabric piece a little bigger than the scrabble tile.
Step Two
Glue the fabric onto the piece by folding and gluing on the top and bottom then folding the sides over and gluing.
Step Three
Secure the fabric by gluing a metal circle in place over the bottom.
Step Four
Glue on the ring base.
Step Five
Glue on the shoe.
Step Six
Add ribbon and you're done!
Rings made with hot glue and ring bases-
Other Accessories-
 I made this keychain using the flat oval keychain base, and glued a doll plate on. Then I made a bow from lace and glued that on, then glued the doll cup and bow ontop.
 I made this using the mask base, stretch velvet, a gem from an old bracelet, beads, and ribbon.
This bow was just a bow sewed out of stretch velvet with the moon glued on and the whole thing glued to the clip.
I hope you princesses liked this edition of DIY Princess accessories! I'm also hoping to post a DIY Princess household items soon too!