Bodyline Review!

Hi lovelies, so recently I got an order from Bodyline....
So when they had a HUGE 1000 yen sale (for me that was about $8), I grabbed up some awesome stuff!

First up, the best wig EVER!
I got this wig in nph gold. best decision ever! only 1000 yen. and it's so realistic! Nicer than any of my other wigs by far!
It looks like it could be my natural hair! I'm VERY impressed with the wig. When I ran my hands through it, it felt very nice and heavy as well.
on to the JSK
I like it alot
I'm probably going to change the straps though, the halter tie hurts. 
The fabric quality is normal for bodyline. The whole top is shirred and the lace seems to be nice crochet cotton but I could be wrong. Overall it's very nice for being $8. 
Lastly, I got these socks.
they're nice like my others, hit just under the knee, and are basic. They're only slightly scratchier, but I just need to wash them with more fabric softener.